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Mika Maka Moo wants kids to learn about the world through play. We create fun, interactive experiences out of everyday doings to entertain and to educate.

Pouring, peeling, moving, mixing, eating, drinking, breaking, learning. Mika Maka Moo wants kids to enjoy the process of learning as much as the knowledge itself.

About - Mika Maka Moo


Where does food come from?
Moo Food will show you! Grill the food, mix the eggs, pour the milk, have fun. Explore food through cool pictures and playful sounds. Moo Food gives you nine short films to learn from and nine interactive food games for you to play with. From 2-4 years.

Films & graphics by Sarah Nutzhorn
Sound by Soffie Viemose
Filmediting by Sofie Schytz Juul
Programming by SHAPE

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